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NanoBionics AeroGuard SST                                     

Nano-hydrophobic surface protection


The AeroGuard products have been engineered for aerospace, military, law enforcement and other related industries where the best protection is needed. These treatments offer long-term Bionic function on painted, glass, plastic and metal surfaces. Depending on the roughness of the substrate, you will see a reduced contact angle between 105 and 108 degrees with a drop of water.

This is not a sealer that forms a barrier but rather is a modification of the surface chemistry on a molecular level to provide a permanent easy to clean and protected surface.

The hydrophobic product works by repelling water and prevents adherence of foreign matter on the surface. (Easy to Clean/self-cleaning effect). An ultra-thin and invisible coating is applied to the properly refined surface.
After the carrier evaporates a self-assembling process takes place in which the Bionic Nano-Particles self-assemble docking directly within the pores of the substrate.

Due to the newly formed Bionic Nano-Structures, dirt particles cannot penetrate the matrix of the surface.

Water easily
runs off from the treated surface dirt particles are washed off by rain or when rinsed with a strong water spray.

* Safer visibility in extreme weather and at night

* Water and Dirt Deflecting

* Easy to clean/self cleaning Bionic function

* Weather protection, Ice and Snow rejection                           

* Laminar Flow across Nano-surface/less Aero-drag

* UV - weather-resistant

* Stops Salt and Calcium damage

* Gloss of paint is longer lasting Long-lasting

* Less down time for maintenance

* Reduction in fuel costs

* Less time de-icing by ground crews may be a result
* AeroGuard will not flake or peel
* May increase the accuracy of missles, bullets and other weapons systems




Download Aeroguard Plastic Data here

Download Aeroguard Glass Data here

Download Aeroguard Paint here

Download Aeroguard Aluprotect here

Los Angeles Class Sub shows Laminar Flow
The flow over the front shows Laminar Flow, the churning water along the sides is Turbulent Flow.

The AeroGuard products are sold only in bulk and to qualified aerospace companies. Please call our office for details (866) 626-6187

Specially Engineered NanoBionics Treatments for the Aerospace Industry

Bionic Land Speed Car. Top speed 386 mph
This vehicle went 37mph faster with 50% less nitro-methane for a top speed of 371mph.

NanoBionics AeroGuard treatments have been tested by an Independent Aerospace testing facility. 

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